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Anar a l'inici de la pàgina

Mare de la Font and plaça del Vall (Mother of Sources)

The Mare de la Font (literally translated as the Mother of Sources) is located to the extreme west of the town in lowland situated between the Colzada Freda, the Nítols pit and the Coma valley. From here water from the Martins source was channelled by high grounds to low grounds along a stretch of 1,468m as far as the town and the three public water fountains where the collected-water spouted. This conduction explains the etymology of the name Mare de les Fonts, Mother of Sources. In the decade of 1460, there is evidence of the first documented reference to the arrival of the water from the Martins source to the town. Similarly, the work did not consist of just one project. It is the diachronic result of various interventions carried out throughout centuries in order to ensure water supply.

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