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Anar a l'inici de la pàgina

Devil’s Bridge

On the north side of the town, in the Cardener River, we find the Pont del Diable (Devil’s Bridge). The building of this unfinished bridge began during the first half of the 14th century at the town’s request. It is possible that it was intended to substitute the Sant Joan Bridge that was flooded in seasonal high waters by the Cardener River. This explains why the bridge was initially known as the Pont Nou (New Bridge) and later became known as the Pont del Diable. Likewise, it was never finished. Of the four or five arches that were drawn up in the project, the two central arches and the two abutments at either end were built. The two finished arches measured 59.25m in length. The larger of the two had a diameter of 25.5m, was 24.3 high and 1m thick while the smaller arch measured 15.8 in diameter, was 21.5m high and 1m thick. The pillars were 5m deep.

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