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Santa Eulàlia Square and Chapel

This was a focal point in the original town as it was here that the three main routes that reached Cardona intersected and met to begin the climb to the castle’s entrance. From this point, under the viscount’s dominion, the developing town grew from east to west in accordance with the separation of the land’s sites and buildings located on either side of the route to Calaf-La Segarra. Due to the establishment and definition of this area as the town square in the town of Cardona Castle between the second half of the 12th century and throughout the 13th century, the ground floors of the buildings on the square were designated for public services over which the viscount had monopoly, while the upper floors were home to families close to the lord’s administration. Over the centuries, this square became less prominent as other public spaces such as the Mercat (market) and the Firal (fairground) became more popular. Furthermore, it also became known as the Plaça de Santa Eulàlia, Plaça de Santa Magdalena or les Cols (cabbages). This last name, les Cols came from the commercial activity that took place in this square. The names of Santa Magdalena and Santa Eulàlia came from the two chapels of the same names that have stood since 1347/1348.

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