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Fair Square

This square was located outside the walls of the original town. The fairground received some annual commercial gatherings that required a larger area than that provided by la Plaça (the main square) and el Mercadal (the marketplace). However, the features of this area were to change completely when the new temple of Sant Miquel was built in 1320. Between 1350 and 1360, meetings held by the Consells Generals (General Councils) took place at el Firal, the fairground. In 1391, the Comú (common council) extended the fairground that slowly began to take shape as the town’s main square, in accordance with late Middle Ages town planning, particularly in 1440, when the wall underwent reforms in this sector. In 1405, under Joan Ramon Folc I’s and the consuls from The Comú’s request, King Martí I ratified the celebration of la Fira de Cardona, Cardona’s Fair. It was then that the majority of houses with porticoes were built and lined the Firal.

The gradual demarcation and urban development of the Firal as the epicentre of public activity in the town was supported by the presence of the Common Council who held its sessions in a house there. The Neo-Renaissance features of the current building are due to the reforms carried out between 1941 and 1944 by the architect Adolf Florensa.

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