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The castle and the canonical church of Sant Vicenç

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Since ancient times, man has searched for sites on mountaintops to construct fortresses from which land and territory can be controlled. In Cardona the geographic position of the castle is ideal. It defended access to the salt quarry and it provides a privileged view of the Cardener River’s valleys. Cardona Castle sits on a mountaintop and overlooks the Cardener River’s main basin. It was home to the lords of Cardona from the 11th to 15th centuries. The area is divided into two halves; the lords’ quarters and the area of the Canonical San Vicenç Church. The Minyona Tower, the Ducal Courtyard, the castle’s bastions and the great view over the salt basin are well worth a visit.

Cardona Castle is an excellent example of a military fortification as it exemplifies the evolution of military arts from the Middle Ages up to present-day. The castle was home to one of the country’s most prominent noble dynasties, and the defence of the salt quarry meant that its fortification was impregnable. During the War of Spanish Succession (1711-1714), it proved itself to be a remarkable fortification as it was the last fortress to surrender to Felip V.

As for the Canonical Sant Vicenç Church, it is a Unitarian work dating back to the 11th century. It was consecrated between the years 1029 and 1040. It is a magnificent example of Romanesque architecture. There is a basilica with three naves completed by a transept that has three adjoining semicircular apses. The central altarpiece is presided by a wide presbytery that is covered by a semicircular barrel vault. Under the presbytery there is a crypt that takes up the entire presbyterial space and the central apse. There are also some notable tombs and pantheons, in particular those belonging to Duke Ferran I and Count Joan Ramon Folc I.

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